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Marriage and Family Therapy

June 10, 2011

Comprising an important branch of psychotherapy, Marriage and Family Therapy addresses concerns associated with the dynamics created in any human relationship: couples, parents and children, blended families, or individuals in a close friendship. In addition to helping families and couples work through problems affecting their relationships, Marriage and Family Therapy helps people address personal factors that may affect their interface with others. The conditions for which the therapy provides significant support include mood disorders such as depression and Bi-polar Disorder, anxiety, personality disorders, ADHD and problems with self regulation.

Whether working with an individual, couple, or family, the focus of Marriage and Family Therapy generally revolves around relationships and their affects on individuals. A key function of the therapy consists of careful and nonjudgmental listening as well as nurturing discussions about the issues causing friction or pain.

“Some people who seek help from Marriage and Family Therapists are simply individuals who want to improve the quality of their lives and problems with relationships,” said Dino Di Donato, a San Francisco-based Marriage and Family Therapist. Dino Di Donato points out that over time some couples and families need help unraveling numerous small conflicts that can create larger, more complicated issues.
He employs such techniques inspired by Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy to try and help his clients attain the skills to live a fuller more satisfying life.

Because our closest relationships affect every facet of our lives, the expertise and guidance offered by a Marriage and Family Counselor enable patients to overcome debilitating situations and move forward in a healthy manner. For more information about Dino Di Donato’s approach to Marriage and Family Therapy, please visit the website of Market Street Center for Psychotherapy at